Advise on Used Glashutte

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Recently I have been obsessing over the panomatic date, and was wondering if anyone knew the best place I might be able to find a preowned one. Any advise is much appreciated :)
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Good one to obsess over... eBay is a good place to start, if you have patience. But IMO, the search is 1/4 the fun
Haha, I agree. I love the reading, researching, comparing, and hunting. I have just been having a tough time on the bay. I found two watches I suspected were fake and ended up reporting them when the sellers sent me a private message with some shady advise on how to obtain their watches prior to close out of action.

I wouldn't mind trading a watch either and have been looking into AD that do that kind of thing, but was just wondering if anyone had any good experiences with anyone in particular or knew of somewhere I hadn't run into yet.
Perhaps a day trip to NYC.
The only issue with that is I will most likely leave with what I intended + senator hand date and panoinverse xl, not to mention a whole less money/credit card fun I was not planning on spending/having.

No I'm kidding, that is actually a really good idea.
Id love to see some pictures of it. Post it up and lets see!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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