Advice for buying a watch

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One of my friend's birthday is on the way and I thought to present him a watch. He is a mechanic and mostly works outside with oil, grease, and hard things. What kind/model/brand of watch is suitable for a person like him?
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Having been a mechanic for over 30 years, don't buy him a watch, that's what they made wall clocks for, watches get caught on things and can cause loss of fingers, hands, etc.
I'm a motor head and have worked on cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers (watches) etc. since I was a kid. One time working on a Alfa coupe reaching under the carburetors I shorted my wedding ring on the positive cable going to the starter. Blew the ring off my finger and gave me a nasty burn. I have not worn a ring since and take my watch off when in the shop. A nice watch is fine just take it off when wrenching.
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