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Maybe I should give an update of my re magnetizations as I can't remember what I may have posted previously. Re magnetization is a routine part of my servicing as I find about half of all tuning forks show some loss of field strength. It is accomplished using 10mm diameter Neodymium magnets. These have to be in jig as it is impossible to manipulate them any other way. The photo shows my mark 1 and mark 2 jigs. The mark 2 is designed to hold 214 forks as well as 218. After placing the fork in the jig the screws are rotated to bring the Neo magnets up to the tuning fork magnets. The deflections are then measured using the magnetic compass device shown in the other photo. This is first set up to face magnetic north and the fork placed in position. The fork is then turned over to get the reading for the other magnet. I like to get both magnets reading the same and this may require several magnetizations in which the Neo magnet is brought up to one tuning fork magnet ahead of the other. The readings, though empirical show that the re magnetized forks have field strengths equal to that of the best forks. I have been doing this for over five years and not seen any evidence of my re magnetized tuning forks losing their field strength.
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