Abyss Alarm Chronograph 2691. Anyone got it?

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My new Invicta Abyss Alarm Chronograph 2691 will arrive next Wednesday and I'm really anxious about it. While waiting, I took a look at THIS review of the orange version and it seems pretty outstanding. However, I just thought to gather some experience from you guys.

I have to say that this is the most impressive diver ever made by Invicta (at least for me :001_rolleyes:). My other choice was the Elite Chronograph 3078 which I think comes a bit cheaper but price-difference is not an issuse. What really makes me worry, is its hardened mineral crystal scratch performance. In case it behaves like the Seiko Hardlex material (with which I'm very satisfied), then all will be ok but I don't have any comparative opinion on this.

So, if anyone has any lasting experience with the Abyss 2691 (or its brother, the 2692) regarding general quality/reliability/performance and about its crystal scratch durability especially, please post your comments.

I will post a quick review plus some closeup pics too as soon as I (finally) get my hands on it :001_wub:


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Thanks for your support guys :thumbup:

In fact thats my first Invicta and I believe that despite those who stand against this brand, I'll be wearing an outstanding and really beautiful beater very soon :001_wub:

I'd like to add 2 more questions:

1. Can I replace the mineral crystal with a sapphire one? I'm not into deep diving, so I won't be facing those sapphire crystal issues while in shallow waters. Will Invicta's service be able to do this and still guarantee its water resistance?

2. Regarding its case & dial diameter size, while their catalogue states its 43mm long, in the aforementioned review, its says its 40mm long. So whats the real diameter and its maximum size with crowns included?
I'll surely do!

About its movement, the review says its a Miyota OS0080a quartz.

Thank you for the em... natural pics :thumbup1:
Just received a call from Invicta-Greece today. My Abyss 2691 is not available any more here in Greece... It will be sent to me from the US, 7-10 days from today with no shipping costs (seems like an atonement to me :sneaky2:).

So, my mini review and pics will be ready around March 30 :rolleyes:
Well here is the answer to the "anyone got it?" question: Nope, I won't have it either! Actually, the order was canceled since the main Invicta distributor here in Greece says this watch isn't available any more, even in the US. They make frequent orders from a central distributor in Miami but afatk this watch cannot be found :blink:

So, I canceled the order and now I'm waiting for a Longines Hydro Conquest diver chrono. Surely more pricey but worth every cent of it. I'll get my hands on it in about a week, so I'll post a mini review plus some pics (not sure where to start the thread though :001_unsure:). Retail price including VAT: 800 Euros (thats approx. $1,261) Not a bad price i think...

Wish me luck... :001_rolleyes:
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Thank you for your effort and concern guys. The fact is that the final price tag will be a sum of the local US price plus airport taxes (which may double the final price...). However, a main distributor won't ever place a 1-watch order but one of say 50 watches in all. So, the airport taxes will be a minor addition to the price of each piece. If I place an order for a single watch, all airport taxes will be added to that one watch. Taxes will go for up to 200+ euro (thats about $315) for a package sent to Greece, so thats a not so nice price lift... The final price would therefore be around 600 euro, and with a Longines at that price tag, it seems I have a better value for money option.

I've already lost almost a month in trying to find that watch and when I finally placed the order, things didn't get quite well in the end (not to mention the distributor's "disinterest" to the matter and his effort in convincing me to buy another Invicta instead...)

Anyway, even though I still believe that the Abyss diver is a very fine quality timepiece, I decided to move a step upwards and go for the Longines diver I mentioned before.

Even though I am not an original member of this Invicta family, I still have much to "talk" with you about timepieces.

Kind regards.
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