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Yesterday while at my AD I spied this 1950's cal 89 sitting among a crowd of pre-owned wristwatches. It was almost lost in the crowd. After a night of tossing and turning, I went back and took a look at the movement and other details.

The only things it looks like it needs to get it back to more of its original condition is to replace the crown (does not look like some of the original crowns in the archives) and the strap and buckle are not IWC issued at all.

I will be in CH in February for my annual ski holiday and will stop off in Schaffhausen to leave it for a complete check up and overhaul. It is running very nicely right now, however.

This year has been a remarkable for me. I acquired an Ingenieur, the new Laureus, the new Saint Exupery and lastly the RG Portuguese Perpetual Calendar. The cal 89 will join these new ones plus my 5001.

I will get some photos of the movement tomorrow when I go back to the AD to have the case opened for the photo op.

Happy holidays to all,



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Wow, you're on fire this year pal! :lol:

What a great find.... :thumbup1:

So - last of the year huh.... Well, that is only 3 weeks away.. Think you can hold out??? :sad: :wink: :glare: Well at least you've picked up a few dandies to tide you over..

Hey - if the bug bites, I see the St. Exupery Auction is now open.... "only" 33,000 clams - but there's 6 days left.. I bet it goes for $100K by the time it's done... :blink: But it's all for a great cause... :thumbup1:
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