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When you compare the bezel insert of the current SD 16600 with the one of the coming Deepsea Sea-Dweller 116660, you will note that the "DSSD" bezel insert have minute markers ALL the way around the bezel insert unlike the SD 16600 that only have minute markers between the first 15 minutes of the bezel insert ("diver's elapsed time").

Also, only other place to have FOUR minute markers between the 5-markers on the bezel is between "55" and "15" markers....

SD 16600 (my watch):

DSSD 116660:

(Pic originally posted by Warren, TRF).

A fellow member, Mike, pointed out:

Although this bezel style has been seen on other watch brands, it has only been seen on one other Rolex model before, the models popularly known as the "Milsubs".

Here are some pics, originally posted by Mike, to show the likeness of the DSSD and "Milsub" bezel inserts:

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