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Hello my friends,

I recently got this vintage Orange Citizen Diver in a few weeks ago, and over the past few weeks this watch has proved to me that "Citizen Watch Company" made some very unique watches back in the 80's, just as they do today and have all the way through.
So I'd like to take you back to the day I posted this thread on the J & A forum here for your pleasure, just in case you don't frequent the Japanese and Asian forum....


Today was a nice day to check the mail at the local Post Office, the Temperatures here in Northern Central NY are somewhat Cooler today with a Slight breeze.

I turned the Key & Opened the box to see a EMS package notification tag sitting there, mixed in with the rest of the General Mail. The Tag notice stated it was a package from Osaka Japan that was there waiting for me to sign for it... I signed as quickly as possible & hurried back home to see what Goodies were inside...

I knew this watch was on it's way, and when I opened the small well packed box from a friend of mine there in Osaka Japan, I saw the Glimmer of an Orange Dial which always Excites me!...:001_tt1:

The new but vintage arrival was:
A very scarce seldom seen original- JDM Citizen Promaster Orange #2851 200m Quartz Diver, in exceptional condition.

Some sellers pics below:

This watch was made in 1983, and is the only Citizen diver that I have owned now except for my 1st. Citizen back in those years. The 1st was the Citizen Aqualand Quartz diver, with depth gauge.

So after getting this beauty, it's really nice to now have another Citizen Diver after all these years later!

The watch has some very nice features:

*From the very Cool Matt Orange Dial,
*To the Proprietary Citizen thick hardlex crystal,
*Along with the English/Kanji day date calendar,
*Raised Gold plated indices and hands,
*Screw-down crown at 4 o'clock & screw-in caseback,
*42mm width with crown, ect.ect.

To me, this watch has all the features one could hope for in a very sharp looking Citizen 200m Diver IMHO, with some additional stats below:

Country of Origin: Japan
Model Type: JDM Promaster Diver
Movement: #2851 Quartz Caliber
Width with Crown: approx. 42.5 mm
Depth Rating: 200m

Hope you enjoyed seeing this, as much as I enjoyed typing it up!

Cheers, :thumbup:

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Hey Enzo!...Thanks mate & yes she is a very sharp & catchy diver!

lol, I knew you'd enjoy seeing her in the rough!

The page width formatting seems alittle weird though, as it cuts away about 15% of the right side of the photo's? :confused1:

Well I'm not too far from Poughkeepsie, I went to College at SUNY Albany and used to frequent that nice little city every now & then usually on the weekend for some extra curricular activities...:lol: I'm about 40 miles west of Albany, near the small city of Amsterdam, so it's not too far Sir.

One day we'll have to have an upstate NY watch meet or GTG as they call them, there's more than a few guys that are in this part of the central and upstate area to put on a very good GTG.

Thanks buddy & appreciated your reply- :thumbup:

Very cool unique watch! Thanks for posting that. Do you live near Poughkeepsie, PJ?

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Heck yeah, I can't get enough of this thing!....Funny though, I wish I were aware

of these watches back then, so many really cool quality divers were produced in the 80's that we didn't have access to outside of Japan, unless one was in the Military.

Yes, I really like the JDM diver models when I can find them, they just seem to have that little extra Razzle Dazzle!

You guys really amaze me with such sweet looking vintage swiss divers from back in the day, I only wish I got into other brands besides Seiko, which are my main forte in Dive watches. :001_tt1:

lol, Thanks Sir & appreciated your reply!

That is a special looking watch. Beautiful. I like the day in Japanese. Very nice acquisition indeed! :thumbup1:

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Hi Dave, yeah I like the bezel indents, makes the turning alittle easier

with the grasp.
She's got very firm but solid clicks on the bezel, very smooth and controlled with no loose freeplay at all.

lol, hey nice new Nissan Z ? :001_tt1:


Very cool watch, Jim. I also like the the bezel indent detailing at the 10 minute marks.

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Hey there muttley...Thanks Sir & appreciated

Well I figured there would be a few here who would enjoy the post, so you know how it is, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I feel that I might know you from other Islands in the sea, Is this Tony or Harlan?

Cheers Sir, :thumbup:

Fantastic! Thanks for posting (again) this great diver from the 80's.
Incredible condition for it's age, too :thumbup1:
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