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A Review of the Omega Plo Prof 1200M

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tricky dicky

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Published on 11-28-2010 06:26 AM

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The Plo Prof was a fairly rare site until the relaunch by Omega in 2009. The original was a divers tool watch which was designed at the end of the 1960s and released at the beginning of the 1970s with the input of well known diver and underwater explorer Jaques Cousteau and the professional COMEX divers. As a result the design breaks the mold from generic watch design with a definite function over form aesthetic that most find quirky at best and down right ugly at worst. The watch was mostly bought by professional and hobby divers. Used and abused as a proper tool watch. Therefore, original Plo Profs in any kind of decent condition are very rare and auction prices have now reached $20,000 plus. The original was about $200 when it was first released.

Personally, I have always loved the design but never thought about owning one because the 1970s build quality and slightly lack of attention to detail for an everyday watch never added up to the inflated prices caused by the rarety.

The main two distinguishing features are the crown guard and the orange push button on the side of the case. More on these later during the review of my updated version.

Picture courtesy of the World Wide Web

So, I was immediately very interested in learning all about the updated model. I wasn't dissapointed in any way. For a start Omega made the brilliant decision of inserting their new in-house Co-Axial movement. The cal. 8500. This is not only Omegas first in-house movement for many years but also has a useful 60 hours of power reserve fascilitated by the twin barrels and an independantly set hour hand for changing to different times zones without have to stop the running of the watch. Incidentally, this movement keeps time to within 1-2 per week! Absolutely incredible timekeeping. Omega have got this right first time out. Brilliant work indeed.

Every other external detail has been meticulously thought out and re-engineered to make this a true high end timepiece. So lets jump straight to the two outlandish design details:

The crown guard has been redesigned to allow the watch to have a 1200m water resistancy. The crown does take some getting used to but eventually becomes very easy to use.

Here is in image showing the crown unscrewed.

The push button for the bezel has been given the high end attention to detail. It is now anodised in a wonderful orange. This button releases the bezel so that it can be turned in either direction. This is better solution than the usual uni-directional bezels seen on divers watches in that the bezel cannot be accidentaly moved in either direction when the important and life saving timing of dive times and ascending are being timed.

The bold minute hand has also been anodised, which looks truly stunning against the deep lustrous black laquered dial. Another new high-end addition.

The following image highlights this new black laquered dial and the applied &quot;Omega&quot; and logo. The attention to detail throughout leaves the wearer feeling that they have possesion of a watch that has been really well thought out and no element has been disregarded. I honestly do not know how I could have made this watch any better.

The bezel has been given a lot of attention. The insert is now sapphire glass and has a wonderful high end luxurious sheen to it in all light levels.

I just love the side profile of the bezel, which has a great industrial bold look to it. It adds a lot to the depth of the watch but fortunately I am a big fan of substantial watches. Included in this image is the Helium Escape Valve. Another requirement for any dive watch with true deep sea aspirations.

The bezel has also received the new blue Luminova material to create a wonderful spectacle in the dark. To be honest it isn't as bright or long lasting as the usual green Luminova but I absolutely love it.

Finally, the mesh bracelet has also been given the update treatment. The mesh is considerably more robust looking than any other I have seen with great big curvaceous links.

The mesh is actually quite wonderful with a beautifully applied brushed satin finish.

The clasp is a true work of art. It has been LASER etched with the relevant details and the Hippocampus which is sinonimous with Omega dive watches.

There is also a very useful micro adjustment for the bracelet within the clasp which utilises a ratchet mechanism which is very easy to use by simply pushing the button, which is conveniently labelled &quot;Push&quot;. I'm no diver but I do find this feature useful as my wrist, along with most peoples I'm sure, expands and contracts with temperature changes. With a watch of this size and weight it is imperative that the watch always fits the wrist well. Another truly high end, well thought out and perfectly executed addition.

In conclusion: Many baulked at the idea of a $7500 Stainless Steel Omega that was historically thought of as a bit of an ugly duckling with over engineered features that were of no use in everyday life. Personally, I think it is Omega's greatest bargain and easily my favourite dive watch on the market. This is a utlitarian watch that can be used by professionals and yet it has the levels of fit, finish and attention to detail usually reserved for high end dress watches. I am fortunate to own some stunning watches but this is the one that I would choose should I only be allowed to hold on to one. Easily my favourite watch of all that I have ever owned. Thank You Omega.

And Thank You for reading. As always any constructive criticism of this review is very welcome.

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