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I am in process of re-adjusting my collection. In the past month, I have sold 6 watches. . . all Invicta. I have noticed that it takes three or four Invictas to equal the price of a new Hamilton. Thus, the question: Are Hamilton's worth their price?

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Hi there Foghorn!!!!....I have been lurking at other watch forums recently, and I think some Hammy owners would be very surprised to hear of the generally high regard so many collectors have for Hammys...this is from guys who swear by certain brands(i.e. Omega) and can & do afford higher end general, the Hammy brand seems to be lauded mostly for their fine construction and movements(value???)....I've had my 42mm Khaki chrono now for 5 weeks...only watch I've worn in this time has never been on my winder and I think I've only hand wound it once or twice...taken it off only for showers/bed during this time period....remarkably, I think it is keeping almost perfect time!!!!...I just lay it down on its displayback at night and then put it on in the mornings!!...apparantly, this is enough of a variety in movement and position to keep the Valjoux 7750 functioning, dare I say, almost perfectly!!!

By the way, I have am sending you a PM this a.m....:biggrin:
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