A question for water lovers

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Hi everyone,

I was doing some searching through the forum for info on using one's SMP for water activities. Now I know it's a dive watch, but last year I had to have mine overhauled :sad: because there were spots on the underside of the crystal. They were faint, but similar in appearance to water spots you might get on your windshield. There was no rust in the movement or anywhere else, so I have no idea how it could have happened.

These days I may swim or snorkel with my SMP but I'm still a bit skittish. Years ago when I used to dive I had a Seiko auto and never had a problem, even at 100+ feet down. I have read that swimming might be bad due to the pressure created by the hand entering the water with force. How tightly do you guys screw down your crown/helium valve? Again, any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.
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Omega Seamasters are pretty reliable, but when entering water I do a quick check to make sure the screw down crown is tight--this being said, it is worth being careful not to screw down too hard either and be careful not to wear out the threads either. I have several mechanical watches which are divers and several different brands and occassionally I will find the crown needs to be tightened but not quite as often as I would have thought.

The issue you had on the inside of the crystal was odd--I wonder if that was there all along? Perhaps you experienced a small amount of condensation or something like this, moving from a warm and moist environment to a cold one, etc. I am glad your watch turned out to be OK but it was smart to check anyway.
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