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Agree with Joe that they'd probably pay shipping in both directions, if it came down to happy vs. unhappy customers, but that's not been their policy.

Their service policies and practices are so generous, that I've never felt the need to ask them to pickup inbound shipping. I, like Joe, send my stuff FedEx, overnight, insured and "receipt requested," so I know my watch got to LT.

On the other hand, there's "voluntary service" (e.g., please change by battery and/or regulate) and there's involuntary service, as in the example(s) Joe cited above, where there's clearly a defect in the watch. The one issue I had with a watch occurred outside of the warranty period, and -- without my asking -- Chris and Bes repaired the problem free of charge, even though they were under no obligation to do so.

It's a trade off.

Personally, I think customers should pay to send their watches back for service, with no exceptions to that rule. That way, we can continue to "leave some salt in the Earth," and continue to anticipate being treated like princes by LT staff.
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