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I have recently inherited an old and water damaged Seamaster memomatic C. 1972. I am currently getting quotes from local watch restorers in Norwich to bring it back to life. So far it looks like it's going to cost more than it's worth but I really cherish it and would like to make it a family heirloom. So would love to know if anyone has had such a complex watch like this brought back to it's former glory? How much that cost? and who in the UK does a great job for sensible prices? We're talking a dial restoration, a new alarm pusher, new glass, new winding crown, new back seal, new strap AND a movement rebuild! replacing rusted parts or swapping out with a working movement or combining the two. I've just spent £330 on Ebay acquiring the movement from the US. here's what I have:
memomatic movement.jpg my memomatic.jpg

I'd very much like it to look like this when finished....
memomatic mint.jpg

I am a little bit besotted.

any advice most welcome.

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