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A Photo Tour of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors Museum>>>>>>>>>

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Published on 10-30-2009 10:53 AM

Number of Views: 1896


By: John B. Holbrook, II


The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors Museum (a kind sponsor of WATCH TALK FORUMS) extended a gracious invitation to me to fly out to the museum in Columbia, PA and do a photo tour. As WTF Admin Team Member Dennis "Ulackfocus" is only a couple of hours drive time from the museum, Dennis joined me on the tour.

Here's a few shots of the exterior of the museum on an overcast Fall day:

Sky Cloud Car Plant Building

Plant Window Sky Building Cloud

Plant Sky Window Building Cloud

Sky Cloud Building Clock Tower

I had to get a wrist shot in front of the museum:

Watch Analog watch Plant Gesture Clock

Once Dennis fought his way through Jersey traffic and made it to the Museum, our tour began - guided by Museum Director, Noel Poirier. Here's a photo of Noel showing Dennis (also pictured) and myself the museum's storage and archive "back room."

Outerwear Shelf Publication Lighting Shelving

The begining of the tour brought us to the section of the museum dedicated to the earliest known attempts by man to measure time:

World Art Display case Font Event

Interior design Automotive design Architecture Flooring Gas

Font Event Space Advertising Exhibition

The museum maintains an absolutely stunning clock collection of every sort and variety:

Clock Watch Quartz clock Antique Event

Clock Engineering Gas Machine Metal

Longcase clock Clock Watch Font Quartz clock

Watch Architecture Clock Longcase clock Quartz clock

Automotive design Event Flooring Art Exhibition

Watch Clock Font Quartz clock Fashion accessory

Watch Clock Door Font Longcase clock

Light Clock Gas Collectable Fashion accessory

Sculpture Statue Window Art Automotive design

American time keeping has a strong connection to the the railroads so the museum has an excellent collection of watches which came from that era in American history.

Watch Building Clock Interior design Picture frame

This exhibit was one of the more interesting and educational for me - I learned of American watch brands I had not heard of before, like this company which was headquartered in Ohio - the state where I reside:

Font Silver Body jewelry Pre-engagement ring Wedding ring

Of course Ball Watch is perhaps the most famous of the American railroad watches and was well reprepresented:

Watch Analog watch Gesture Clock Rectangle

Font Gas Metal Symbol Fashion accessory

Body jewelry Font Jewellery Gemstone Metal

Here's a lovely early railroad watch by German manufacturer A. Lange & Söhne.

Clock Quartz clock Pocket watch Font Gas

Gold Amber Pocket watch Body jewelry Natural material

A fantastic collection of marine chronometers:

Interior design Automotive design Picture frame Display case Shelving

We then moved on to the wrist watch collections which the museum holds. Noel Poirier admitted that the museum's wrist watch collections are something of a week point - but that's something that is quickly changing. Both the NAWCC and the museum are committed to provide more content for those interested in wrist watches.

Of course, with Hamilton having started out in Lancaster, PA (prior to being purchased by the Swatch Group), the museum had a vintage Hamilton collection which would impress any collector:

Picture frame Machine Publication Room Antique

Wood Office equipment Font Auto part Circle

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

Watch Analog watch Light Clock Watch accessory

Other famous manufactures of high interest to vintage watch collectors were also well represented:

Watch Product Analog watch Clock Material property

Brown Rectangle Font Food Baked goods

I believe this is the only time in my life I've ever seen a Patek next to an Invicta in the same display case - did you know Invicta has quite a heritage in watch making long before they became a home shopping brand?

Watch White Product Analog watch Clock

Watch Analog watch Clock Font Rectangle

The museum's watch holding aren't just limited to vintage watches - several manufacturers have donated large collections of their most current contemporary offerings which are on display in the museum:

Font Trophy Souvenir Eyewear Table

Rectangle Wood Font Table Hardwood

Watch Fashion Font Clock Silver

Product Automotive design Field house Table Chair

Omega fans will no doubt be amazed by this Omega "moon watch" in the museum's collection from the actual NASA Apollo 9 mission:

Watch Analog watch White Product Silver

After our tour of museum, Dennis and I headed across the street to visit the NAWCC's School of Horology - one of the few remaining and fully accredited training institutions in the United States for watchmaking.

Plant Building Leaf Botany Road surface

Classes weren't in session, so we were able to get a peak at their impressive, well equipped class rooms:

Computer Table Personal computer Computer keyboard Desk

Tableware Table Dishware Drinkware Stemware

On behalf of myself, and the WATCH TALK FORUMS Community I'd like to thank everyone at the National Watch & Clock Association for an amazing tour of their facilities. In particular, I'd like to thank both Markus Harris and Noel Poirier for arranging this opportunity and for the time spent with Dennis and I. Of course, it goes without saying that any fan of horology and timekeeping must make the trek to visit the museum. The pictures shown in this report are far from comprehensive, and only provide a glimpse into the incredible items on display at the NAWCC Museum.

For more information on the National Watch & Clock Association, please visit the NAWCC webiste by click here.

For information about the NAWCC Museum, including hours and special exhibits on display, please click here.

**Photos & Text Copyright 2009 WATCH TALK FORUMS. No part of this report can be reproduced outside of WATCH TALK FORUMS without the expressed permission of John B. Holbrook, II.

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A Photo Tour of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors Museum>>>>>>>>>
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