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Item 330790361937

Not a bad 'Buy Now' price as 'Buy Now' usually goes. And for a watch some people seem to like. Condition looks fairly good. You'd want to see more shots of it. Like the back.

Not my favourite dial and a blind person chose the strap though....

On a tangent, one of my pet hates is having to hunt around for ages for a decent strap that doesn't cost as much as the watch and pay more postage. I usually seem to end up with watches where I'm not happy with the strap. :huh:

I've got a really nice Up/Down with the bright blue roman numerals (I've seen a similar one on here and there is one on ebay for 'Buy Now') and they do look lovely. I think a metal band suits them better. I got mine for a great price. $128 last year. I was just really lucky. It keeps really great time. It loses a minute or two every month or so. I find myself often wearing it now...

I've seen some on ebay where the dials are very speckled and marked. Five or six this year. I'm hoping it's through poor use and not a common problem as old age creeps up....
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