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In have seen many useless complications and been witness to a lack of attention to detail by those who design watches,but today I saw something I've never seen.
(I'll not mention any brand names)
I was doing my usual watch ogling for a while when I spotted a watch that I hadn't seen before.
BIG (approx 50 mm diameter),nice looking dial-quartz chrono-and Swiss Made.
Upon close inspection I noticed that all the numerals,indices,subdial hands,chrono seconds hand,and even the company logo were luminous.
However the 2 hands (Hour and minute)which need lume in order to tell the time in the dark are lume-less!!!!:confused1::confused1:
Jut when I thought I'd seen it all!!

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Is there a reason you can't mention the brand name?

That sounds pretty bone-headed, but did you talk to anyone to determine if what you took to be lume was actually lume?

Actually, that sounds so stupid that you wouldn't expect that any Swiss watchmaker would produce such a thing.
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