A little advice, please?

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Hey fellas,

I let my son "borrow" this watch, and he managed to knock the lume dot off the bezel. I'm really anal about keeping things shipshape, especially my watches, so any ideas on how I might replace this?:confused1:The last thing I want to do is send it to Invicta. Thanks.

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so any ideas on how I might replace this?:confused1:
The bezel or your son... :lol:
Oh, I think I'll keep my son. I'll remind him of this event when he becomes a wildly successful tycoon. Then maybe he'll feel bad for pops and buy me a TT Submariner.:biggrin:
I have the same problem with one of my Invicta's ... I accidentaly bumped into something at work and the lume dot came off the bezel and i also have no idea on how to replace it ...
Contact Northeast Watch Works. Duarte can repair a bezel insert lume dot for I think around $10 plus shipping there and back.

Or, you can call Invicta and order a replacement bezel insert. I just got one for my ProDiver 4024 for $27 delivered to replace one I scratched up severely.
@datsun: can you PM me contact info for NE Watchworks?
@datsun: can you PM me contact info for NE Watchworks?
Check your PM folder. Hope that helps.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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