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This is a fun article. It's all about the various watches and secret tricks they could do in the James Bond films. Includes the Rolex, Omega and Seiko watches that were used. :thumbup1:

"In today's "bottom line" world, companies spend their money carefully. So you can be sure that it is not without good reason that some of the world's finest watchmakers (among them such heavyweights as Rolex, Omega, and Seiko) have sought to link their products to the excitement, elegance and cachet that the public has learned to associate with James Bond, the gentleman secret agent with a licence to kill. Most recently it's been Omega that has been peppering magazines and newspapers around the world with images of James Bond wearing their "Seamaster Professional" model with the legend "Selected by James Bond." Note that this is not an endorsement by Pierce Brosnan, but rather by James Bond. Despite what 007 told Fatima Blush in NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, James Bond does indeed do endorsements...."

Full article here: Q Branch by James McMahon
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