...a giant scratch on my clasp!

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OH MY GOD! I was putting a suitcase in the attic and I put a GIANT scratch on the clasp of my (gulp) *new* SMP! :sad:

So, what should I do? I've heard people talk about steel wool and the like, but I think I'd rather take a more pay-a-professional-to-buff-it-out-for-me sort of approach. Is this something anyone has experience with? How much should it cost me? Will it be noticeable?

Thanks in advance for advice.
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It is *not* a scratch. Think of it this way. It is a memory that has been slightly etched in your watch. Whereas you were putting away the luggage, you must have just come from some great trip, so think of it as a reminder of the vacation you took! My watch has thousands of memory etchings! :001_smile:
Gives a whole new meaning to the line, "Wanna see my etchings?" :biggrin:
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