...a giant scratch on my clasp!

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OH MY GOD! I was putting a suitcase in the attic and I put a GIANT scratch on the clasp of my (gulp) *new* SMP! :sad:

So, what should I do? I've heard people talk about steel wool and the like, but I think I'd rather take a more pay-a-professional-to-buff-it-out-for-me sort of approach. Is this something anyone has experience with? How much should it cost me? Will it be noticeable?

Thanks in advance for advice.
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No, it's not really that bad - I'm just panicking, really. And being picky. It's a surface scratch, not the last of course, and it appears it could easily be buffed out. It's just SO BIG!

Scotchbrite, huh? I'm not so sure... Which one specifically? They've got a variety of pads to use:
It is *not* a scratch. Think of it this way. It is a memory that has been slightly etched in your watch. Whereas you were putting away the luggage, you must have just come from some great trip, so think of it as a reminder of the vacation you took! My watch has thousands of memory etchings! :001_smile:
Well, had I gotten drunk, fell on my face and got bitten by a dog, I would agree with you. I could laugh about that later. Unfortunately, I was putting a suitcase in the attic when I scratched the clasp. Not as fun, I'd say. :sad:

The vacation, however, was a good time. :)
All this talk about ScotchBrite in the vicinity of watches is making me feel decidedly off colour.

Richy I would take Mr Timefinder's memory etchings route to healing were I in your shoes - short of visiting the watchmaker. That said, the guys are right on the SB approach. It's just not for me ..... :001_rolleyes:

Be well pal

Hmm... I guess I'll see if the scratch grows on me. I don't like the idea of using Scotchbrite either.

There are other options..

one of Jocke's great photos.
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