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This is my first posting in the for sale section. I am a non-authorized pre-owned Rolex dealer. I have been a sponsor on this site for some time and am very reputable. That said, I have a few GREAT deals to offer here on WTF, these are prices you will never find on my site

These have been just been bought from a collector. The papers have had the name section cut off, I guess he wants to conceal his identity. The entire upper portions are untouched, model, serial and everything else.

1. Rolex 16610LV Anniversary Submariner with Green insert. This is an F serial production and is 100% never worn. It has ALL plastic protective seals, box, papers and books, the works. $SOLD.

2. Rolex 16613 2-tone Submariner with Slate Serti dial. Also an F serial, pre-owned BUT in 99% condition, only a few extra fine marks. Full hologram and no-holes case. Again, it is complete with box and papers and everything else from when it was purchased. $SOLD.

3. Rolex K serial 118239 White Gold Mens President with meteorite dial with pear diamonds at 6 and 9. Retail on this one $28,900!!! It is MINT, super tight bracelet with all links and a couple of tiny hairlines on the case, not even worth mentioning. Box, papers and everything else is there. I can do this for $SOLD. which is well below the wholesale value.

I do accept all major credit cards. Please call Aaron at 1-800-573-6301 or email me at [email protected]
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