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2 of my watches are celebrating an anniversary this month...

First up is my current longest-tenured[good] watch of my collection, my Tag Heuer 2000 Professional, celebrating it's 15th year with me!! A limited edition (before LE's became 'fashionable') back in 1997 with a gold applied logo instead of the red/green one. It also has a silver-champagne dial. Though I don't wear it much anymore, I love it and it will always have a home int he collection. Never serviced (it'll probably get one next year though) it runs about 3 seconds fast per day. Not too shabby.... :thumbup1:

And second up is my two-toned Yachtmaster. Bought in 2006 it's celebrating it's 6th anniversary! :thumbup: :thumbup: This is my favorite two-toned watch, and another that'll never leave my collection. In fact I have it's sister-dial, the white with black onyx markers I may have installed when serviced later this year. I love the slate dial, but may change it up for a couple years....

And a shot of the white / black onyx dial:

OK, so they're not silver anniversary length dates, but in today's collection these are long-term members of my collection!!!!
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