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_____> > > PLEASE READ FIRST - before making any NEW post in this section !!< < < ___

Hello and welcome to our Photo Album and Reference Page !

This sub-forum is designed to archive useful information about Patek Philippe watches.

The goal of this section is to share articles, images, videos, URLs and other type of information pertaining
to a particular Patek reference number or news in Patek Philippe word in general. If you are sharing images
that do not belong to you, just please give a proper credit and adhere to the Watch Talk Forum guidelines:

"Linking to other watch related sites or discussion forums: In general, there isn't a problem with linking
to other watch related sites - WTF is very open.
This assumes you're doing so as a normal part of a related
discussion. If it is clear that your primary intent for posting a link to another site is purely for promotion purposes,
the post is subject to deletion or modification. Linking to other sites by strong members of our community is fine,
but if your only posts are to self-promote or promote other sites, those posts are likely to be deleted or modified"

Here are just a few suggestions and examples to make this section easy to navigate and search:

- Please start every thread (whenever possible) only with the "Reference Number" (for example: “5970”)
- Do not list the ‘metals’ i.e. 5712/1A, 5712R, 5712G etc. All of these would be under one “5712” thread.
- Before you start a new thread - PLEASE SEARCH and make sure that such a thread or reference does not exist yet.
- If adding a 'picture' or link of “5960 video” or “5130 Press Release” - do not start a new thread – just add them under an existing reference thread.
- However, if your post about “5130 Press Release” is the first of a kind for that given reference – just start it as a new “5130” thread.
- it is NOT necessary to list the technical info to start the thread.
- It is perfectly OK to start a thread with 'only one picture ' - if that's what you have to offer.
- Feel free to add your pictures, wrist shots or own reviews to an existing reference threads.
- We are looking for help from seasoned collectors or forum veterans with info and picture(s) on any vintage references !


- In order to keep this area as 'information only', please do not ask any questions or make any comments in this sub-forum.
- If you have any comments or questions, kindly please start a new thread in the main Patek Philippe forum.


While we will start slowly at first, we hope that after a while this will be one of the best reference places about PP watches on the net. ;)

Thank you in advance for your future contributions and sharing your images and reference information with the rest of the Patek Philippe fans!
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