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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum. A few months ago I purchased a 8926ob with the NH35 movement from Amazon. The 8926 is rock solid except for the bezel pearl that fell out. I decided to use it as a project watch and have so far, changed the band and sanded the inner links of the new band with Scotch Brite.
There are a couple more modifications that I would like to do so any help from the forum members is greatly appreciated.

1st, I discovered during a google search that someone replaced their 8926 second hand with one more resembling the Submariner second hand. Can this be done on my watch with the NH35 movement?
2nd, I'd like to swap the bezel insert because of the missing pearl @12. Where is the best place to purchase a bezel, what size should i look for, and how easy a mod is it to do myself?

I've attached a few pics of where I am so far with the 8926. Thank you for your help!


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