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Men's Aquanaut

The perfect dress sports watch. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut , launched in 1997, is a model of casual elegance that combines
technical perfection with uncompromising performance and imaginative creativity in design. Its fascinating appeal originates
from a surprisingly modern gestalt with a gently rounded octagonal shape. The surface structure of the superbly finished landmark dial
reflects the attractive texture of the strap. The complex construction of the case is underscored by the screw-down crown for extra
protection on the wrist of active people. The “Tropical” strap, made of a high-tech composite, is soft, comfortable, resistant and hypoallergenic.

Technical Specifications

* Aquanaut extra large
* Center sweep second hand
* Embossed black dial, applied gold numerals with luminescent coating
* Black composite strap seamlessly attached to the case, with new Aquanaut fold-over clasp
* Screwdown crown
* Sapphire-crystal case back
* Water resistant: 120 m
* Steel
* Case diameter (10-4 o’clock): 40 mm


* Caliber 324 S C
* Total diameter: 27 mm
* Thickness: 3.30 mm
* Balance-wheel: Gyromax
* Number of parts: 213
* Power reserve: 45h max
* Jewels: 29
* Vibrations per hour: 28'800
* Geneva Seal Hallmark

(info: Patek Philippe)
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The first Aquanauts 5167 were delivered with the PP calibre 315 and not 324.
AFAIK only the first 2 or 3 months they made the 5167 with the 315 calibre, afterwards they used the 324.

Probably there a no more than more or less 150 aquanauts 5167 with the 315 movement, all the others have and will have the 324

This is the mail I got from PP when I asked them why they changed the movement

Dear Sir,

Kindly note hereafter our reply to your questions :

1. New Caliber 324

Kindly note that our Caliber 315 SC will progressively be replaced by the Caliber 324 SC AIG.S - an improved movement, and this is forseen as of April 2008.

It is possible that some 324 Calibers has already been mounted in some models.
For the end user there is no difference in terms of accuracy and reliability between the Calibre 315 and the Cal. 324. The advantage of the Calibre 324 vs. the Cal. 315 is a gain in efficiency and time in terms of our watchmakers’ work as it is easier to time the calibre 324 to the Patek Philippe high precision standards.

For your information, only the referende 5127 rwill emain equipped with the Caliber 315 for the time being. Patek Philippe does not divulgue the information about quantities of Aquanaut delivered with cal. 315.

Sincerely yours,


Patek Philippe S.A.
Chemin du Pont-du-Centenaire 141
CH - 1228 Plan-les-Ouates
tél. +41 22 884 20 20
fax +41 22 884 20 40
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