4469 Special WTF Pricing Deal "IN OR OUT" ??

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Hi Guys,

After a consensus it seems that the Invicta 4469 is the most popular model that people are interested in right now and due to limited quantities it is the ONLY watch deal we can offer right now. So, either you guys are In or out.
We are offering this one-time 4469 deal to WTF members because we have the unique opportunity to pass the savings on to you. :thumbup:

Triton's Treasures can get a substantial price break from our Invicta distributor if we order (10) or more 4469's in the same order "all at once at the same time".
The 4469 is a very popular model and one of the most coveted Invictas on the Market (Those of you who own one know why!)
Supplies are becoming very limited. For this reason our Invicta distributor can only hold (10) 4469's for us until Monday. If we don't get (10) WTF members interested by Monday our prices for the 4469 will have go up after that

So, here's the 4469 deal!:thumbup:

Invicta 4469 for $315.00 includes shipping and insurance to anywhere in the USA.
International Please add $15.00 more for shipping = $330.00

What we need for this deal to work is:

1) A total of (10) or More WTF members to sign-up for a 4469 by "Monday Feb 25th" After Monday the deal is void.

2) PM Larry (Triton) by "Monday 25th" if you want to purchase a 4469. We need your name and current email address.

3) We need A full PayPal Payment for your new 4469 by "Wed Feb 27th" We will send out PayPal invoices to your email address on "Tues Feb 26th"

Hopefully we will hear from you guys!::thumbup::thumbup:

P.S I'm going to visit family this weekend and won't be home until Sunday night so I won't be able to answer any questions until then

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I'm also not a big MOP fan.
It looks good on fashion pieces but I don't get it on a dive watch.
The price seems great for a Selitta auto though.
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