4469 and 4475

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No pictures yet. Recieved both this week. Quite a bit of difference between the two.

First the 4469. The first thing I noticed was the MOP. I was underwhelmed. Its lack of shine made the dial seem to be a washed out black. It seemed to make the crystal look dirty. The bracelet is all polished with no brushed links. I wonder how it will scratch up. I am sending it back, and considering another try for a good MOP in this model.

I know MOP can be remarkable because this 4475 has one. When the dial is not in the light, it is black. In the light, all the colors of the rainbow and more come out. I can see reds, blues, and greens, and see these colors from quite a distance. I have been looking at it all night.

The gunmetal color and finish is absolutely stunning. One has to see it to appreciate it. I love this color.

The bezel is perfect, coin edge and smooth turning.

I have never been more pleased opening a yellow box. I have quite a few divers and this Swiss Made 4475 is number one.
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Hi fairfield and welcome to the Original Invicta Forum.
Hi fairfield, welcome to WTF. I almost bought the 4469 but I went with the 4473, I really like the black IP finish as well. The lackluster mop on the 4469 is really too bad, it's a nice looking watch as well.
Hello and welcome fairfield to the Original Invicta Forum. Sounds like got some nice watches.:thumbup::thumbup: Post photos when you get a chance.
Welcome to the forum fairfield!
I received my 4469 about a week ago. The MOP on mine looks more brownish-red than black. Under certain light conditions it has all the colors you describe with your 4475. I like how it looks but I almost wonder if mine has a brown MOP dial. I have a model 2845 that does have a black MOP dial and that one looks totally different than the 4469 that I got. :confused1:
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