2nd Rolex, but wait...

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Hi guys

I finally went to my AD on Saturday afternoon to pick up my new Z Series "Pepsi" GMT. Pictures will follow most likely tomorrow, but in the meantime I have an early question.

I set the watch to the atomic clock yesterday at 2PM (UK Time) and in less than the 24 hours it has gained 10 seconds which goes right over the cosc specs - should i be concerned at this point or should i hold fire and give it a few days as the watch is is its "breaking in period", because i'm not sure how long the watch has been sitting with my AD, because it was the last one on the company?

Anyways, pictures will follow. This is a great timepiece with a wonderful history and I'm over the moon I managed to get hold of a brand new one with them being discontinued. My Sea Dweller now a familiar friend.
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Hey Jonathan,

CONGRATS on the new GMT II.. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

I agree with both John & DH. I'd watch it 2 more days to make sure it wasn't an error & if not have it regulated.. 10 seconds would drive me nuts.

Looking forward to the pictures!!! :thumbup1:
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