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I'd like to get a factory Monster bracelet for my incoming generation 2. So, questions are:

1. Does the New Monster take the same bracelet as the original Monster?
2. Can someone point me to a tutorial or post photos showing how to size it? I understand the pins aren't typical.
3. Is the bracelet link/pin system used in other watch bracelets? Basically I'd like to know if any real watch repair dude will be familiar with the system and be able to size it without messing something up.
4. I can't think of a fourth question right now.


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Answered on the General forum too.

Yes. The old bracelet will fit the new Monster.

It uses the same pin and collar as the Seiko Samurai.

How about a safety pin and a mechanical pencil - 3 minutes. Push the pin in the direction of the arrow using the safety pin. The split collar will now be on the end of the safety pin. Remove link. To press the split collar back in place use the mechanical pencil end.

I don't know if most watch resizers would know what to do with it. I wouldn't trust them.
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