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This sale is ending tonight. I rarely run sales and haven't had one in over a year. It will be as long again before I do another, so if there'e something you've been watching...I've been collecting these bands for lots of years, and have only one example of many of them. They're long out of production, and every year more of the old-stock that's still in the field gets pushed into a landfill or recycled for gold reclamation.
All of the bands I sell ship free in the USA, come with high-quality stainless steel spring bars, and free sizing as needed. I ship quickly and package well with materials I purchase new. I have a 14 day hassle-free return policy.
The reason I use eBay for my store is mainly because it's the only platform that I've found that can host and provide an easy search my large inventory.
I'm happy to help and answer questions. If you have questions about specific items in the store please contact me through the eBay message system.

Thank you,

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