2254.50 questions.

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ok guys, i have a 2254.50 on its way to me and here are some questions that i will love to know.

when was it first introduced [year]?

you can know the year by the serial number?

does the red second hand really fade over time?

is the case exactly the same as the bond?

whats the red thing on the caseback that indicates that the watch hasnt been opened?

is the bezel easy to scratch?

thanks a lot pals, hope to se some answers.
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thanks triton and diver 88.

in another forum i was told it was introduced in '98 but looks like the seamaster isn't a followed watch like the sub, that every wis knows every date of every modifications.

the serial on my watch is 80737175 can anyone tell me the year of production?

thanks pals.
wow guys, thanks a lot.
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