218 Stops working occasionally

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I have a M9 218 with date that I recently acquired. Twice in the ~2 weeks I've had the watch, it stopped running. Though it was still humming. First time I gave it a couple of taps and it started up again. A few days later it stopped again, but was still humming. This time one or two taps didn't wake it up, so I tried setting the time and that got it going. Any ideas what the problem is? Will it be expensive to have fixed?
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I don't work on my Accutrons, the parts are too small, drive me crazy, but one of mine was doing that and it needed a new index wheel. If you have any reluctance to ship the watch to Bulgaria, I could give you the name of a guy here in Iowa that I use with great success but I've heard nothing but good about Ludmil.
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