218 Stops working occasionally

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I have a M9 218 with date that I recently acquired. Twice in the ~2 weeks I've had the watch, it stopped running. Though it was still humming. First time I gave it a couple of taps and it started up again. A few days later it stopped again, but was still humming. This time one or two taps didn't wake it up, so I tried setting the time and that got it going. Any ideas what the problem is? Will it be expensive to have fixed?
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Sounds like its in need of servicing.
Price depends on if there are any parts that need replacing.
A basic service for a 218 can cost between $150 and $300 depending on who you use.
I use a guy in Bulgaria. He's very good. His price is around the $150 for a basic examination, clean , oil and polish.
Quite a few quys on here use his services too. He's got a very good reputation.
If you are not happy with the whole Bulgaria issue then there are a few in the US too. Someone will be along to recommend one.
Ref the index wheel. One of my watches needed this to put it into serviceable condition.
Ludmil charged me $20 for this part. Pretty reasonable I thought.
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