218 Stops working occasionally

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I have a M9 218 with date that I recently acquired. Twice in the ~2 weeks I've had the watch, it stopped running. Though it was still humming. First time I gave it a couple of taps and it started up again. A few days later it stopped again, but was still humming. This time one or two taps didn't wake it up, so I tried setting the time and that got it going. Any ideas what the problem is? Will it be expensive to have fixed?
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If you do not know the service history of the watch and you want it as a keeper, then it should be serviced. Ludmil in Bulgaria is an excellent choice!
My wife's 230 needed a new pawl finger and an index wheel. Can't rember the price but it wasn't very much. The movement sounds better than it ever did from new.
I polished the crystal with Polywatch tonight. Results were quite impressive. Though I didn't do a good job on the rounded edges, as I was afraid of polishing away the plate finish. I think I'll tape off the case this weekend and give it another go on the edges.
Yes, you can get impressive results. I polish crystals on all the vintage watches I buy - even ones that don't appear to have issues. On the best kept vintage watch there will be some microscopic abrasions that a polish will remove and give a new clarity to the crystal.
Oliverb, have you or anyone here ever typed up a step by step instructions as to how you prepare the watch prior to polishing, and the steps you use with the polish? I'll have to search later and check, I think I recall you may have already. I need to purchase some of that stuff and check it out.

Not actually a step-by-step, just a description of what I did. I use microfiber cloths for both applying the polish and buffing it off. If all I am doing is a mild cleaning with the Plastx, I just use firm circular motions on the crystal with the cloth then wipe off the polish to get a look. Repeat as often as needed until you get the desired results. If I am doing more serious case and crystal polishing, I use a 2" cotton buffer ball on my drill press, slow speed, and go over the case and crystal with Maguiars Aluminum & Mag polish numerous times until the desired results are achieved. I then follow up with a hand polish using Plastx. I have never used the buffer ball on a GP case, just hand polishing with Plastx.

Some folks have successfully used a very fine grit sand paper on the crystal first if the scratches are very deep, followed by liquid polish.
That's probably why they are offered for sale. Folks have one like that and don't want the hassle and cost of service so they offer them up for sale. If its a desirable model and the price is good, I don't mind too much if issues develop. I consider that part of the cost of adding to my collection.
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