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I've had a big year [for me]... i'd though i'd share my in's and outs. If you don't like threads with pictures and 'look what i've just got' look away now...

I did not plan any of these... but some have been long term 'wants' and others have been random because of offers or 'right price'.. I'll get this out of the way first,
i actually haven't sold any! I did buy and sell a Seawolf within a week if that counts..

First was a Breitling Chronomat on Roleaux off Ebay... but with papers and recent big service. Love the dial colour on this...

Next was a Navitimer.. always wanted one of these but didn't think id ever get one as they kept going up, one came up at a great price so here she is:

Next was a Rolex Explorer 2.. Black dial [i had the white already] With the new model coming i though it would be a good time to get the other dial colour..

For my Birthday in August i lined up a Bell & Ross but the seller decided to keep it so i bought a long term want, a Rolex Sub Blue:

That was it for 2011 except the seller of the Bell & Ross has a change of heart and this arrived...

Happy Christmas everyone!

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This was the 2nd year in a row that I didn't add any Rolex watches to the stable....didn't sell any either - I'm in a very happy place with my Rolex collection. :biggrin:

But I did rather unexpectedly (not exactly planned purchases) add these three Lum-Tec models throughout the year...

The first was my M27:

Next came the V1:

Finally, I picked up the M51:

Would you believe I have two more pre-ordered? :001_rolleyes: :biggrin:

Aside from perhaps upgrading my vintage DJ to a more contemporary model, not much planned for me for Rolex in 2012.
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