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Catching up on my Watch Time reading, there was an article showing the data for COSC registrations:

Rolex 751,285
Omega. 509,301
Breitling. 154,456
Mido. 49,343
Panerai. 34,463
Chopard. 28,641
Titoni. 20,536
Enicar. 17,115
Ernest Borel. 8,372
Tissot. 6,917
Ulysse Nardin 6,695
Corum. 6,043
Ball. 6,042
Zenith. 4,689
Misc brands
Bremont. 2,550

First, I was flabbergasted to see that Rolex produces more COSC movements (which I don't believe is all of them) than Breitling (who COSC 100%). I knew Rolex was big, I guess I thought Breitling was bigger. There are a lot of names on the list I have never heard of.
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