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2008 NYC GTG Report and pics! (A REALLY LOT of pictures!!)

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Published on 05-20-2008 12:24 PM

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When JBH mentioned the idea of me coming along to the GTG this year I thought it sounded like a great idea, even though I’d just been in NYC in late March. I left Dayton a few hours after John since I had to work a little later.

Watch Cloud Sky Hand Plant

We headed off over the farmlands of Ohio.

Sky Cloud Aircraft Vehicle Aviation

I got to the hotel around 10:30 and ran into Milos in the elevator. I thought it was him after seeing his Patek, and well, he looked a lot like the pics I’d seen from last years GTG. He introduced me to Joe. Turns out one of the guys I work with here in Dayton is the father of Joe’s assistant. Small world. Joe was a great gregarious guy who got us some last minute dinner reservations Friday night.

Outerwear Shirt Coat Beard Wrinkle

It rained all day Friday, so most of John and I’d plans of things to go do and see got a little damp. We went down to 5th Ave and went into St. Patricks.
Light Fixture Symmetry Tints and shades Window

Flame Fire Candle Gas Heat

John had lunch with a guy from Seiko and I was determined to go down to the Brooklyn Bridge and get some pics. Rain or not.
Sky Flag of the united states Flag Fence Building

At least the rain kept all of the people off the bridge which made for better pics!

Sky Water Cloud Black Black-and-white

Several of us got together Friday afternoon at the hotel before finding out that the Yankee’s game got rained out.
Interaction Fun Jacket Event Conversation

Hannes and Percy arrived from Germany and Hannes brought his new camera. He’s finally come into the DSLR world.
Font Entertainment Symmetry Art Circle

Watch Vision care Camera lens Photographer Camera

They even brought their girlfriends along. They were delightful and a lot of fun to talk to. They taught us some German and we taught them some English. I just wish my German was ¼ as good as their English!
Forehead Nose Cheek Smile Skin

Forehead Hair Smile Cheek Skin

Hannes loved taking pics with his spiffy new camera

Smile Plant Bottle Drinkware Vision care


The weather Saturday was perfect so John and I got up early to go take some pics.

First we headed up to Central Park where there was a 10k run. It was a good day to sleep on the park benches.
Water Water resources Vertebrate Plant Tree

We headed down to Strawberry Fields where there were hundreds of school aged tourists from several different countries. We were able to get a few pics in in between them standing on it.
Watch Photograph Analog watch Black Automotive tire

World Textile Font Flooring Urban design

Automotive tire Textile Road surface Organism Asphalt

There weren’t too many people out sunbathing that day. This field is hopping in the summer heat though!
Sky Building Atmosphere Daytime Skyscraper

After that we headed down 5th Ave where the street was blocked off all the way down to about 42nd st. Ok, so it wasn’t quite this barren, this was one of the cross streets.

Building Sky Infrastructure Road surface Asphalt

We headed down towards Radio City.
Watch Building Daytime Sky Flag

Sky Daytime Building World Skyscraper

John bought a pretzel.
Food Ingredient Staple food Powdered sugar Sugar

Although some nice fruit might have been healthier.
Food Green Natural foods Product Fruit

John and I decided to split up. I went off to the 2h Circle Line cruise around the southern tip of Manhattan.
Sky Font Landmark Gas Motor vehicle

Lots of great things to see.

Skyscraper Sky Water Building Cloud

There is the driving range:
Water Sky Building Tower block Lake

Skyscraper Sky Building Daytime Tower

Sky Statue Sculpture Art Monument

Water Sky Boat Watercraft Wheel

We went under the Brooklyn Bridge
Water Sky Cloud Building Skyscraper

Water Sky Building Skyscraper Body of water

Water Sky Girder bridge Suspension bridge Truss bridge

Water Sky Girder bridge Road Bridge

Building Skyscraper Sky White Water

On the way back to the hotel I was hungry and could have picked up some free bread.

Road surface Food Wood Building Wall

Finally it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for the party!

Of course Hannes and Percy were there
Hand Watch Bottle Tartan Drink

Here's a group shot of me with Hannes, Percy and their girlfriends Mandy and Sabrina.
Jeans Smile Trousers Fashion Eyewear

There was lots of good food.
Food Tableware Muscle Dishware Plate

Their girlfriends (both sporting Rolex’s and cool Oribta koozies for their beers)

Smile Watch Iris Happy Tableware

Milos did a great job of connecting with Orbita, Ball, James Dowling, Micah, JBH and other to get some great door prizes.

Table Book Office equipment Publication Bottle

Clothing Trousers Table Outerwear Furniture

Here’s a spiffy Orbta travel case
Microphone Gesture Dress shirt Audio equipment Gadget

Who’s going to win it??
Organ Dress shirt Gesture Barware Event

Coming all the way from England for the event, Mr. Dowling donated one of his books.

Glasses Jeans Dress shirt Gesture Tie

Glasses Organ Coat Tie Suit

What’s next??
Forehead Arm Gesture Dress shirt Event

Micah donated several strap gift certificates. He makes some superb straps!
Jeans Hand Musical instrument String instrument String instrument

John helped out with the prizes.
Smile Coat Blazer White-collar worker Event

Chuck Agnoff and his wife were there from Orbita! It was great to see the man behind the winder! Unfortunately I didn’t win the winder.

Forehead Nose Microphone Chin Public address system

Mrs. Agnoff and Kevin helped give it away.
Smile Jeans Watch Eyewear Event

Ball was there with some great watches. Several of which you can use as a flashlight!
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Auto part

They even gave away a watch.

Forehead Face Glasses Human Vision care

Glasses Outerwear Coat Dress shirt Smile

Glasses Smile Trousers Shirt Suit trousers

Milos’ beautiful wife Iveta was there.
Forehead Smile Eye Facial expression Drinkware

Drinking establishment Bottle Smile Barware Glass bottle

Smile Trousers Outerwear Picture frame Coat

Smile Tableware Drinkware Organ Fashion

Smile Head Watch Eyewear Tie

Forehead Smile Sleeve Dress shirt Beard

Glasses Picture frame Vision care Coat Tie

Smile Chair Fun Long hair Technology

I tried on this PAM088 and loved it! I want one!!

Watch Analog watch Arm Gesture Clock

Vision care Tableware Barware Chair Eyewear

Watch Glasses Organ Black Vision care

Forehead Chin Dress shirt Sleeve Collar

DiamondGirl Steph
Smile Hand Watch Arm Muscle

Face Hair Chin Smile Picture frame

The (rather weak for 80 people, several of whom were wearing 2 watches!) customary table shot.
White Body jewelry Earrings Font Silver

Then all the GMT’s.
Finger Eyewear Automotive design Nail Font

Which order should we put them in?
Watch Hand Finger Gesture Yellow

We’ll go with this order.

Watch Rectangle Clock Font Material property

Amber Jewellery Font Circle Metal

John took the group shot.
Photographer Digital camera Camera lens Camera Reflex camera

After the GTG I decided to head downtown for some night shots. I knew the Empire State Building was open until 2am. Although at 11pm there was still an hour wait!!

Here is its reflection as I’m walking down the street.
Building Skyscraper Window Electricity Tower block

And the real thing:
Sky Tree Building City Tower block

Looking towards Time Square
Atmosphere Sky Building Skyscraper Light

A little closer…
Building Sky Skyscraper Atmosphere Tower

The Chrysler Building
Building Skyscraper World Tower block Tower

And a little B&W action
Building Skyscraper World Water Tower block

On the way back to the hotel I walked through Times Square
Building Skyscraper Light Electricity Tower block


John and I got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed down to the WTC site and Battery Park

Here comes our 5 train.
Train Infrastructure Fixture Electricity Mode of transport

Transport hub Electricity Rolling stock Line Railway

“The Sphere” is now located in Battery Park. It used to be between the WTC and this is what is left of it.

Cloud Sky Plant Building World

This guy said he has been there every morning 9-12 for the past 3 or 5 years feeding the squirrels.
Plant Outdoor bench Vertebrate Green Tree

Cloud Sky Plant Tree Asphalt

Some wrist shots down near the water. One of me.
Watch Cloud Sky Water Clock

And one of John.
Watch Water Sleeve Finger Wrist

We stopped by Wall St.
Building Daytime Window Fixture Rectangle

And by the Bull
Sky Vertebrate Bull Working animal Statue

He sure is scary.
Head Sculpture Working animal Statue Artifact

I’m putting my foot down,
Dress Road surface Musical instrument Wood Sculpture

We got a little hungry down there and stopped for some pizza.
Food Ingredient Recipe Cookware and bakeware Fast food

We went back to the hotel via Grand Central Station. We stopped in the market.
Light Lighting Interior design Architecture Retail

Where they sell all sorts of good stuff
Flower Plant community Plant Nature Natural environment

Or you can get the more colorful flowers
Plant Flower Petal Botany Vegetation

And maybe some sauce to go with them.
Food Ingredient Cuisine Confectionery Carmine

What time are you supposed to set your watches to for pics?
Watch Photograph Light Lighting Clock

I was a little scared because there were all of these ghost people walking around the terminal.
Building World Flag Lighting Architecture

I think we took a few too many cabs. Perhaps that's because there were so many.
Car Wheel Automotive parking light Land vehicle Tire

But if you were upset, a great bargain could be had on yelling at someone.
Wheel Green Motor vehicle Tire Vehicle

It was finally time to head back to Dayton. It was a wonderful weekend, despite the rain. I never would have thought we’d fill 5h so easily talking about watches.
Food Smile Ingredient Recipe Baked goods

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