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so..... got the Carbon Fibre effect strap off eBay UK to go with the Toshi PVD 22mm Thumbnail buckle :wink:

this is what it looked like after swapping the buckles over

this combo is for the Blancpain FF Chrono Flyback - wanted to see what'd it look like... also, the OEM straps are too short for my liking.

the 0.9mm allen keys are needed to unscrew from both ends... a major PITA is you ask me. Blancpain sells the strap changing kit for an amazing value of £900... which includes a case holder, 2 x allen keys and a rubber strap :read:.... a quick search at Amazon UK got me these two allen keys :blink:

anyway, here are the end results.... i think i will end up "fine tuning" the straps, because they are 24mm and the lug-to-lug on the Blancpain is 23mm :dummy:... here are some Q&D pix for now.

wrist pix

i quite like the combo and the length of this strap, it def. feels "more secure", probably due the the width, thickness (4mm) and length of the strap. i though the red stitching goes quite well with he red bits on the dial. :thumbup1:

i think i will go with this combo until the Sailcloth straps arrives :001_wub:

hope you liked the pix :001_smile:
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