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Back from vacation and falling in LOVE with (2) recent SWI arrivals.

The first is SL-600-10, all black with black MOP. This HUGE automatic sports a very unique crown-guard that spans two posts adjacent to the crown. It comes with a steel bracelet and a rubber strap (although I will probably NEVER use the rubber strap). Powered by a SW-200, the watch is executed beautifully. Textured and polished black MOP contrasts the black IP of the case and bracelet. Good "lume" accents the hands and affords night visibility of the time. An exhibition back offers a great view of the Swiss movement and the watch comes with its own little SWI travel winder; one of the best offered as it is intermittent, direction controlled and can be powered off batteries making it a true travel winder. The bracelet fits perfectly thanks to half links. Plating, fit and finish is typical of Lior's higher-end products. A NASTY little watch that makes a very aggressive statement on the wrist.

The second watch is true masterpiece; Lior's Limited Edition chronograph with a Valjoux 7751 "under the hood". Fellow WIS, this timepiece is truly "top-cabin". The fit, finish, design and overall feel of the watch is comparable, if not superior to, my Breitling Navitimer. At 45 MM, the wonderful 7751 caliber is readable and easy to read. An extra large sapphire window allows clear visibility of this amazing chrono-caliber at the back of the timepiece. Multi-part bracelet detail is beyond any reproach and the white textured dial is stunning against the polished steel of the case. I own the original SAIII-7751 and love them both; they CAN NOT be compared. Two COMPLETELY different treatments of the same movement.

The SWI Ltd. comes with a beautiful wooden display/winder that is fully programmable and is worth at least $350 on its own. The Ltd. package came in at $2,500 with coupons, and is worth EVERY PENNY! A master watchmaker friend of mine who just saw the piece stated he would easily pay 5 to 6 thousand for the watch.

Having had the pleasure of spending some time with Lior last summer, I can attest to his dedication and commitment to offering the best value to his customers. He is sincere and always appreciative of the people buying his product and has literally "blown me away" with these two watches.

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