1980 Gold Bulova Oceanographer Automatic 666

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Just found this amazing forum and this seemed like I couldn't find a better place to post my questions about my Dad's old watch. I've been able to find almost zero information about it so hopefully someone here can help provide a bit more details about it.

What I know already is that it's a 1980 based on the date code on the caseback. The dial has Oceanographer Automatic 666 and the text W. Germany S 6802 T across the bottom of the dial. I had my local jeweler remove the caseback so I could get pictures of the movement but I'm really not sure what I'm looking at or should be looking for. I have only found one other website with a similar watch BULOVA OCEANOGRAPHER W GERMAN MOVEMENT AUTOMATIC 666 FEET STEEL AND GOLD PLATE but since it's not quite the same and I haven't found any other information I was hoping someone could confirm or correct the information they have. They say it has a 10k solid gold bezel ring but I don't know how to tell that. I replaced the crystal on mine so it's not an original and the bracelet is a turn-o-flex but I have the original as well.

Basically I'd like to know the model name (if there is one other than just Oceanographer) and any information I would need in order to have a watchmaker replace the main spring. I had it serviced a couple years ago but if I take it off to sleep then it will stop before I wake up to put it back on. It's a watch that my father wore every day until the late 90s so the gold plating on the bottom has gotten pretty corroded. Is there any way to repair that or is the only option to disassemble the whole watch and have the case replated? (Is that even a thing?) There's also a Brevet stamp on the inside of the caseback. I have only heard of this being on Heuers. Was this a case that multiple companies ended up using or is this just a designation like ISO uses now to show that it passed some sort of certification? Finally, is this even a real Bulova that's just rare or is this some sort of knockoff? Any information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. I've attached all the pictures I took of it and I'll include what the stamps actually say since they are REALLY hard to see.

Thanks for any help!


Movement Markings:

1352 10

1661 S


Caseback Markings:



Dial Marking:

5 8802 T


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Awesome! Thanks guys. So the 6802 Movement is just Bulova's designation for the PUW 1661S? I didn't see any of those here on the Bay in the States. Is there any way to find out if mine is 10k or 18k gold? Would the bezel be solid 10k and the rest 18k gold plated?
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