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Due to a death in the family recently, I have come across an Omega watch. I brought it to the jeweler in hopes to get it repaired, or at least instructions on how to get it to Omega; however, they were not an AD of Omega, and did not wish to assist for fear of providing false information; however, they did estimate the watch to be from 1970s, and suggested I could contact Omega via their website.

So about the watch (and I am to old to try and take pictures with a digital camera. I am surprising myself with being online!), it does say Omega, with the words automatic underneath at the top of the watch, under the II (12. All other hours have I). Between where the 6 would be are the words Swiss Made. It is also a day/date. Pulling the crown out once adjusts the date. Pulling it out twice going in a clockwise motion moves hour/minute hands. Counterclock wise advances the date. What does not work is the timepiece itself. Winding or kinetic motions do not provide any motion on the watch whatsoever.

I looked here in the reference forum and found Houston's post: This stated it had a pricing link for repairs; but, the link did not appear to have that information.

My question is this:
Does Omega have a US site *OTHER* than NJ? (I have heard horror stories of that place). If so, where/address? Does anyone have an estimate on what it would cost?

And would it be sent like a Rolex or IWC (Registered, letter with request, phone number to be contacted for payment, etc)

Whereas I do not have an Omega, I was considering having it repaired.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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