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By the serial number you have a "model 1" lever set 992.

These are fine quality watches, but are quite common and prices(especially recent prices) reflect this.

Because just about every American PW collector has a couple of these in their collection, values really come down to condition, with especially nice examples still carrying a premium. The condition of the dial, case, and movement will all affect this.

Just to give some data points, I have bought many 992s in the $100-150 range. The last I sold had a near-perfect dial and an average case, and I sold it for $190. The one before that had a perfect dial and nearly unused case, and I sold it for $300.

Of course, there are also some special movement finishes(i.e. two-tone, and a couple of other patterns) and other variations on these which can affect the price positively. Crisp two-tones have been known to reach four figures. A few clear photographs of the watch can allow for a better opinion.
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