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In 1753 Benjamin Banneker, a self-educated scientist, astronomer, inventor, writer and anti-slavery publicist built a clock entirely from wood. It was the first watch made in the USA.1 It was a pocket-watch and striking in appearance.1 Across the ocean in the heart of the Middle East, in northeast Arabia in the district of Ahsa, a man was born in that same year who had a remarkable sensitivity to time and its significance. His name was Shaykh Ahmad. He built, not a clock, but an ediface of theological interpretation in his role as a mujtahid. He laid the foundation for what later became the Shaykhi School of the Ithna-Ashariyyih sect of Shi’ah Islam and, in time, for what became Babism which was transformed by sensible and insensible degrees into a world religion. -Ron Price with thanks to: 1“Church of the Living God,” an internet site, 29 December 2008.

Time was marching on in those
opening chapters of our modern
history, enlightenment and the
post-enlightenment part of our
age with its revolutions on the
horizon in so many domains of
life—even for that clever fellow
Benjamin Banneker who made a
clock out of wood! And for that
founder of the Shaykhi school in
northeast Arabia who----by 1793,
was experiencing a revolution in
his own mind, in the midst of his
anguish, his inner light, his fixed
purpose and unerring vision which,
in the process, transformed him into
a luminous Star of Divine guidance.1

1 Nabil, The Dawnbreakers, Wilmette, 1932, p.1.---16/2/09.
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