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  1. The Watch Straps, Winders & Accessories Forum
    I am looking for an automatic watch winder for my boyfriend for Christmas. He is a watch enthusiast and very discerning when it comes to everything watch-related so I want to get one he will like but am having trouble picking one out. Right now he has a Rolex Explorer II, a vintage Tudor, and a...
  2. The Watch Straps, Winders & Accessories Forum
    I just recently got bitten by the watch bug and am starting to look into automatics as I like the mechanical aspect of them. I haven't read to much about watch winders yet but found a (seemingly) pretty good deal on one by Starfive but can't seem to find anything about it on here so I wanted to...
  3. The Watch Straps, Winders & Accessories Forum
    Hi everybody and greetings from Moscow, Russia. I've just recieved a second-hand ORBITA Casetta winder from US. The issue is as follows - it makes several turns, but eventually the rubber belt goes out of the large weel and the winder gets stuck. :blink: I'm quite disappointed cause wanted to...
1-3 of 3 Results