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    Hi, What do you think about Maurice Lacroix watches ???? Maurice Lacroix - Home I found some watches very interresting. What about you?
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    Good peoples: Business takes me to L.A. pretty often. Next time is early December and I'd like to shoehorn in some quality watch-watching time, which I've never actually done there. Would love to hear about some favorite shops in L.A., Santa Monica, up in Pasadena and as far as the valley. Of...
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    Ok, so I'm an art student and currently taking a ceramic class, well I've decided im going to make a watch out of porcelain clay. My question is what would be the best way/tool/technique to make the pinholes in each link?? or best way to go about the whole watchmaking process...?? Please help?>
21-23 of 29 Results