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  1. The Swiss Watch Forum
    Reactor is a smaller company with not much exposure, but I was curious if there were any Reactor fans or anyone who knows them. My first watch was a Reactor Gamma.
  2. The Rolex Forum
    I looked for a while for a solid website to buy and sell watches on, after searching for a while I found some good ones but settled on Chrono24. I have an account and am selling watches on there now, and it has a good selection of watches posted by users globally. Anyone know of any other...
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I am starting up an instagram account that will be devoted to sharing pictures of all different types of watches. Some that are discussed in this forum and many more! Comments are very welcome, please check it out:
  4. Community Forum
    Hey guys, All my life i used to have a money clip but my GF said that she want to present me a wallet for my BD Here's my watch: What kind of wallet will suit my wach (Usually I wear jeans and t-shirts) What wallets and watches do you have? Any suggestions?
  5. The Invicta Forum
    Just a heads up letting you know that starting tonight at 11pm central time zone on the Shop NBC channel they will have a selection of Invicta watches at clearance prices. I will be tuning in to see if anything unique or cool will be offered at a good price. Have a great evening :) Rich
  6. The General Discussion Forum
    I just saw the new Tag Heuer for women today... I think i may get one for Mothers day for the wife. Has anyone seen any reviews on it?
  7. The General Discussion Forum
    Watches top gripe list for luxury goods in China
  8. The General Discussion Forum
    As you see, this is my second post here. I followed a friend and decided to try and find a good topic to kick it off. It started with the nice review on the front page of the Lum-Tec Tungsten... What is tungsten? According to WikiPedia it is one of the toughest materials and often used in...
1-8 of 29 Results