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  1. The Ball Watch Forum
    I've been wanting to own a Swiss watch for a few years now and I finally made the jump. I narrowed it down between a Bell & Ross BR123 GMT, Oris Big Crown GMT, and the Engineer Master ii Pilot GMT. I am so glad I went with the Ball. It feels just as good as it looks! My question for this...
  2. The Watch Straps, Winders & Accessories Forum
    I recently acquired my first Longines watch. A Hydro Conquest L3.644.4.56.6. I am looking to purchase a Watch Winder but am unable to find a clear recommendation on a brand that is suitable for this watch. Can someone provide some insight into this for me? What brands will work with the Hydro...
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Check out this picture. Does anyone else see a problem with it? After a watch, the next best gift is an excuse to buy a new watch. And that's exactly what I got when my fiancee gave me this winder. See how I solved the problem here.
1-3 of 5 Results