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  1. The Patek Philippe Forum
    Hi, Friend of mine's girlfriend broke this watch and I was wondering if anyone knew what it would take to fix it (one of the hands fell off, and it's missing the crown)? Also, would anyone know the model number and approx date this was produced? Thanks!
  2. The Patek Philippe Forum
    Hi, First time posting...someone i know has this watch that I would like to purchase but both of us have no idea what it's worth. He says someone told him it was from the 50's. As you can see all it says is Tachymeter, and it's two watches in one (the top and bottom of the actual watch are 2...
  3. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hi. I am a newbie here and to collecting watches as well. I have wanted a pocket watch and have recently gone mad buying some of interest on the online auction site. I have found some very useful information about my watches thanks to links I read here. So far I have bought an 18s Elgin...
1-3 of 3 Results