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  1. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    So i'm stuck between which of the two i should choose and so would like your suggestions and why. Thanks. P.S. If you have better suggestions for me then that's more helpful
  2. The Rolex Forum
    Hi - came across this watch when clearing out my Dad's belongings. Its a Tudor Prince Oysterdate 31, has a small rose above Tudor, and states Rotor Self-Winding. The winder has the crown on it and the back is just stamped 7911 above 171725. The face plate is a cream colour with very small square...
  3. The Rolex Forum
    I am looking to find out if this is a genuine Tudor. I have not had the back opened for a serial number but on band close to the watch is the number 57 and on the fold out clasp 1/70 appears. I have looked online but have not found any with the same rose logo at the 12 position and with the...
  4. The Rolex Forum
    From what I could find it is a model 90520. Band markings read: 361 B and 783519 The story: My father inherited it from his Uncle Frank and I from my father (1994) after he passed away. I've tried it on a couple times but never wore it around. Its been wrapped up in a tin box of my personal...
  5. The Rolex Forum
    Hi All, I am trying to verify the authenticity of my Tudor Ranger and thought some of the experts here would be able to help. I've heard that this model is frequently faked and I'd like to know what you think. Thanks for your help!
  6. The Rolex Forum
    Sorry if I am in the wrong area but I have a Tudor Tiger with the Yellow dial. Can anyone give me an idea what it might be worth ? It is recent vintage and still has the purple sticker on the back. I have worn the watch. Thanks for your help ! Gary
  7. The Rolex Forum
    Trying to find out any ifnormation about the following old Tudor Oyster watch, which I believe is an early Rolex?? It looks like someone has tried getting the back off without success (due to the marks on the back!!) ANyone know what year this could be and what the approximate value is?>? I...
  8. The Rolex Forum
    Hello all, I am a long time reader and first time poster of Watch Talk Forums and was hoping that the vast collective knowledge of the members can help in the identification of a specific Tudor Prince Date + Day model. Below, is the image of said watch. However, I have no idea how to obtain...
  9. The Rolex Forum
    hi newbie here, just acquired a vintage Rolex Tudor Prince Oysterdate, it has a very particular rose logo on the 12 o'çlock marker. maybe some of you good guys here can give me info on this watch...thanks in advance..
1-9 of 9 Results