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  1. The General Discussion Forum
    Greubel Forsey’s Quadruple Tourbillon is definitely up there with one of the coolest watches I've come across. What do you think? Wristwatch News Source, Reviews, Instructions, etc... - Is This $1m Watch The Coolest In Watchmaking?
  2. The Patek Philippe Forum
    Thought you'd be interested to see inside this $1.2 million Patek Philippe in this article, don't think many people have actually seen inside this watch- it's pretty awesome! Do you think it's worth the price tag though?
  3. The Android Forum
    Watch Collector: (Eastern Time) 1:00am 5:00pm 6:00pm Virtuoso Tungsten T-100 Swiss Valjoux 750 Automatic Chrono Divemaster Enforcer 45 Automatic Tourbillon - Blue / Black Tattooed Dragon Skeleton Automatic
  4. The Android Forum
    Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best one of them all (YMMV)... Never thought I could own an auto tourby. Had the 50mm Virtuoso model, the Anti-Gravity etc. Was cool, the hype, the notoriety that associated with the unicorn of rich mens horology. Android, and a wealth of other companies...
  5. The Android Forum
    Finally snagged one of the prior grail I had lost, thanks to a fellow member. What's in a Tourbillon? The notoriety? The prestige? The talk of the dinner table? All of the above and then some, especially encased in a Virtuoso tungsten case. Loving the feeling of pure heft, the wrist presence...
1-6 of 10 Results