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  1. The Swiss Watch Forum
    Greeting! Here's the backstory - I bought a Tissot Powermatic in Switzerland in 2000. It ran great for five years then just stopped. I took it to the only Authorized shop that I could find in Dallas at the time and they said the gaskets needed replaced and quoted me $233.00. That wasn't in the...
  2. The Swiss Vintage Forum
    Hello, I have a blue faced, octagonal shaped Tissot watch that I have had for many years. Inside, it reads "5 jewels" and "unadjusted" but I cannot see a model number on it. I'd like to know the year(s) this one was made and the value. I've looked online for a similar one and haven't seen...
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I just bought a Tissot Prs516 automatic non chrono. It has an eta 2836-2 movement. As I am new to watch collecting I was just wondering if I could do any damage to the movement by turning the crown anticlockwise while in the fully pressed down position? (the crown is non screw down)...
  4. The General Discussion Forum
    So recently my grandfather passed away and he left me his old antimagnetique tissot watch the patent number is 254-855 and its from circa 1940's but other than that i do not know any other information about it. I am really interested in any information about this watch regarding how much it...
1-4 of 5 Results